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Just Solutions was founded in 2000 on the concept that successful economic and social development depends on harmony and social justice in the workplace.

The dynamic organisation must balance people’s desire for stability and familiarity against the need to avoid stagnation and burn-out.

The enabler for remaining open to change and future possibilities is an atmosphere of mutual respect and fairness. Just Solutions itself is no exception to the rule of change. Its role has changed over the past decade from that of the social auditor policing human rights at the workplace and remediating problems to a more complete vision of the balanced organisation as a driver of constant and stable socio-economic development with benefits being shared more equitably along the supply chain.

As a result, we have expanded our consulting to embrace ‘big picture’ thinking while remaining grounded in the detailed local knowledge that comes from decades of combined experience of the global workplace.

Our offer now includes:

  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation – notably in Human Relations in Global Operations;
  • Management Development for constructing and maintaining an Ethical Supply Chain;
  • Capacity Building with Workers and their Organisations for Workplace Social Dialogue;
  • Facilitating Freedom of Association in Challenging Environments;
  • ‘Progressive Auditing’ that identifies the underlying issues in supplier factories, together with comprehensive plans to address them through ongoing remediation;
  • Pre-Investment Assessments for both Social and Environmental impacts;
  • Emergency Response preparedness for large sites in Safety, Health and Social scenarios;
  • Designing CSR Strategies and Action plans;
  • CSR Benchmarking and Gap Analysis;
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Needs/Expectations Assessment;
  • Stakeholder Capacity-Building;
  • Education in all aspects of CSR principles and practice;

In conjunction with our sister organisation, ‘IntoAlignment’:

  • Negotiation and Mediation Skills Training;
  • Driving, Managing and Coping with Change;
  • Stress/Anxiety Management Techniques and Training;
  • Individual Coaching and Counselling;
  • Addressing ‘Burn-Out’ Syndrome;
  • Organisational Stress and Mass Psychological Incidents (MPIs);
  • Training in Managing Workplace Relationships and Motivation;
  • Performance Issues


However, our web presence has not kept pace with our expanded activities.  It is high time for a new presentation.  Over the coming weeks new websites are being constructed that will much better represent the current options for our clients.  Those who work with us already know the scope and value that they can access through the Just Solutions Network.  We will shortly be publicising our full range of mediation, training, coaching and consulting options to a wider world.

For more information please contact us directly;

Vic Thorpe
Senior Partner
Just Solutions Network

email: vic@just-solutions.net

phone: +44 (0) 7932 999 300

For more information about ‘IntoAlignment’ interventions go to:

www.intoalignment.com or contact

Sam Thorpe: sam@intoalignment.com

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