Respect, Social Justice and Human Energistics


We at Just Solutions are united around a holistic vision of the balanced organisation as a driver of stable socio-economic development with benefits being shared equitably along the supply chain.  We offer ‘big picture’ thinking while remaining grounded in the detailed local knowledge that comes from decades of combined experience on the front-line of the global workplace. While we can call on academic expertise to help frame and present our solutions and quantify our results, at heart we are that rarest of consultants – practitioners who have been there and done that… and have the successes to show for it.

We believe that the key to organisational effectiveness lies not in technical fixes or traditional Human Resources Management (HRM) approaches to people as factors of production, but in the purposeful liberation of the human spirit in all employees to create, motivate and innovate. We call this ‘Human Energistics’, or ‘HE’.

‘HE’ runs through all workplaces, linking its people in the common experience of production and service. This can be a positive or a negative force – depending on the way in which that human energy is nurtured or repressed. Just Solutions can conduct an ‘HE’ analysis of the organisation to indicate where energy flows freely and productively towards shared goals and where there are blockages to the energetic flow that hamper performance and create organisational and personal stress.

We offer structural and training solutions to facilitate the release of frustrated and potentially destructive energy towards the goal of ‘free-flow manufacturing’.

HE shifts to ‘SHE’ – ‘Sustainable Human Energistics’!

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There are few organizations like Just Solutions, that offer practical experience, technical knowledge and innovation to drive social dialogue in emerging economy workplaces. Li & Fung is proud to have Just Solutions as a key partner to drive stronger consensus-building and good governance across our supply chain.

Harsh Saini,
Li & Fung