What We’ve Done

Examples of Just Solution’s work from around the globe

Pioneering Workplace Social Dialogue in Bangladesh

Pioneering workplace social dialogue in Bangladesh The problem Successive waves of mass industrial action in the Bangladesh ready-made garment (RMG) industry over poverty wage levels and poor treatment of workers, caused disquiet among many global brands who had been steadily [...]

Worker Engagement and Wellbeing

Worker Engagement and Wellbeing In it’s 2016/17 Sustainable Business Report, global sports brand, Nike, sets out its belief in the power of worker engagement as follows: “We believe that a skilled, valued and engaged workforce is key for growth and [...]

Responsible Exit and Re-Engagement

In November of 2006 global sports brand, Nike, faced an intransigent problem of non-compliance with social norms at its major source of hand-stitched soccer balls in the industrial centre of Sialkot, Pakistan. Despite a coordinated attempt over the previous

Migrant Workers in Mauritius

How to lift morale and to develop a spirit of community and engagement among several thousand migrant garment workers, separated from their homes and families sometimes for years at a time? This was the problem that faced UK high-street brands Next and Arcadia in their dealings with a major […]

Social Dialogue in Vietnam

Social dialogue is especially difficult in countries where there is single party rule, and a trade union structure that is entirely subordinated to the ruling party. This is the case in China and Vietnam, throughout most of the Middle East and in some […]

Migrant Workers in the Stone Industry

Marshalls plc is the leading innovator of hard landscaping solutions for both the commercial and domestic markets. With a significant manufacturing footprint in the UK it complements this with sourcing natural stone from around the world. It recognises the many […]

Freedom of Association in Turkey

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) – the private arm of the World Bank – requires companies that receive its special loan assistance to abide by specific labour relations performance standards based upon international norms. Any complaints of alleged […]

Training for Collective Bargaining – Honduras

Russell Athletic is a Honduras-based garment supplier to the Fruit of The Loom brand. Russell Athletic was accused by US-based student bodies of not treating its workers ethically – specifically of refusing to allow unionisation of […]

The Cost of a Cup of Tea

        The Cost of a Cup of Tea The tea industry in India is in crisis – and one of the answers is to improve social dialogue. In this extended blog, Stirling Smith explains research that Just […]