Who We Are

The following notes showcase a handful of our senior consultants. Because of the networked structure of Just Solutions and our accumulated years of operating on every continent, we are able to access many more consultants on a project basis as needed.

Vic Thorpe

As Founder and Director of the Just Solutions Network, Vic has a special interest in conflict resolution and mediation work in an industrial and wider social context. He is a Consultant Adviser to the Compliance, Advisory and […]

Stirling Smith

Stirling Smith is Director of Projects at Just Solutions. Stirling worked in education in the UK before moving to India where he lived for several years. He was a Chief Technical Advisor for the International Labour Organisation on […]

Sam Thorpe

Sam Thorpe is an Integrative Health Therapist, and Conscious Health Coach™ specialising in the effects of stress and trauma on the body and mind. She has worked with JSN to develop and deliver large workplace stress awareness […]

Jyrki Raina

Jyrki Raina is a global industrial relations expert with a strong legal and negotiating background. Jyrki was the First Secretary General of the largest Global Trade Union Federation, IndustriALL from its formation in 2012 until 2017 […]

Jamie Beck

Jamie Beck is a senior leader with 19 years’ experience working with international retail and supply chains. Driven, compelling, well-organised and consistently results-oriented with a track record of inspiring high performing teams and […]

Mike Lee

Mike LEE is the China Director of Just Solutions based in Shezhen, China. Since 2001 Mike and his four-person team have focused on providing professional training, consulting and auditing solutions in a series of standards and […]

Phoenix Zhang

Phoenix Zhang is a highly experienced member of the Just Solutions China team. Initially trained as a social auditor, she has also studied broader CSR developments in the UK (Nottingham University) and […]

Lena Zheng

With a background in workplace quality and social audits across a variety of industrial sectors, Lena Zheng has more recently trained with the Just Solutions Network as a trainer of managers, supervisors and front line […]

Leo Liu

A graduate in business studies, Leo Liu has already gained valuable experience as a social auditor for BSCI, SA8000 and a variety of brand compliance systems in diverse industries. More recently Leo has trained with Just […]

Dr Andre Mrost

Dr Mrost is the Director for Just Solutions in Eastern Europe and the NIS. He has an unique assembly of knowledge, skills and qualities, attained from a wide variety of different and, sometimes, contrasting working positions […]

Julie Thorpe

Julie has many years’ experience working in the labour and co-operative movement and is strongly committed to the values of mutualism and solidarity. She enjoys bringing creative and engaging approaches to any […]

Marieke de Vries

Marieke is a senior program coordinator with a strong background in negotiation and facilitation of social dialogue in a variety of development contexts. Based in the Netherlands, Marieke is currently a negotiator on […]

Nilambar Bhuinya

Based in Kolkota, but with region-wide coverage, Nilambar Bhuinya is an experienced consultant, researcher and social auditor. Nilambar has worked extensively in south east Asia and the Gulf region. He conducted many […]

Abu Eusef Mollah

Eusuf Mollah is a highly experienced trainer and project coordinator for a wide variety of national and international labour development programmes. He was for many years Programme Officer for the Bangladesh Institute of […]

Jakia Jamie

Jakia Jamie has worked as a trainer on labour and social issues in Bangladesh since she graduated with an MSc in Social Science. She has worked with the UNICEF-funded Protection of Children at Risk (PCAR) […]

Geoff Brown

Geoff is a highly experienced tutor and facilitator/trainer for worker education. He has taught comparative industrial relations in Britain, the EU, US and Japan at degree level and coordinated a number of EU projects including […]

Dundar Sahin

Dundar Sahin is a highly experienced consultant in large-scale emergency management and continuity of operations integration projects for diverse industries. His clients include glass and cement production facilities to […]

George Pope

George’s experience of organising training events, for trade unions, community and campaigning groups is spread over 30 years. He has devised training programmes for national and local trade unions around organising, leadership […]

Anne Lally

Anne Lally is an independent consultant whose work focuses on the intersection of human rights and the global economy. For roughly two decades, Anne has specialised in ethical supply chains – seeking to develop […]

Prof. Doug Miller

Professor Miller is a specialist in the textile and garment industry and in supply chains. Most recently Professor of Worker Rights in Fashion at the University of Northumbria, School of Design (2008-2012), Doug Miller is[…]

Our partners


Just Solutions has a strong association with the Pakistan Institute for Labour Education and Research (PILER) that is a regular local partner in projects that we have undertaken in that country. Led by its internationally r […]

Women Working Worldwide

Women Working Worldwide’s core mission is to work in partnership with grassroots organisations around the world, to assist and empower women workers in international supply chains to […]

Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy

Just Solutions has a long-standing relationship with the Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy that stretches back to its foundation and its first joint […]


Just Solutions has a long-standing partnership with QuizRR serving as a content advisor and collaborator in developing new formats for supplier training. QuizRR develops innovative digital training solutions to advance corporate responsibility and […]