By: Julie Thorpe

Sam Thorpe

Sam_ThorpeSam Thorpe is an Integrative Health Therapist, and Conscious Health Coach™ specialising in the effects of stress and trauma on the body and mind.

She has worked with JSN to develop and deliver large workplace stress awareness and resilience programmes for improving worker wellbeing. These trainings have proven very effective alongside Just Solutions’ social dialogue and worker engagement programmes around the world.

‘Burn out’ is not a phenomenon confined to high-flyers. Our most recent collaboration involved Sam’s coaching managers, supervisors, workplace representatives and nearly 8,500 migrant workers in practical stress relief and resilience building techniques at the factories of a large garment supplier in Mauritius. A post-intervention survey showed benefits accrued not only to the individuals concerned but also to the company’s bottom line performance

Sam is the Principal Partner of IntoAlignment Consultancy and Training and is a META-Health Master Trainer and author of the successful book ‘META-Messages from Your Body – Understand the cause of disease and why the body doesn’t make mistakes’. She is also a HeartMath Coach and Group Trainer, an EFT and Meridian and Energy Therapy Master Trainer and Clinical NLP and Hypnotherapy Master.

Sam is the creator and developer of the personal breakthrough workshops and therapist training and coaching courses in‘ 7 Steps to Conscious Health™’ which includes her own stress and trauma processing technique ‘Heart Alignment Process™’.