Marieke de Vries

By: Julie Thorpe

Marieke de Vries

Marieke de VriesMarieke is a senior program coordinator with a strong background in negotiation and facilitation of social dialogue in a variety of development contexts. Based in the Netherlands, Marieke is currently a negotiator on behalf of the CNV national trade union centre within the Dutch National Plan (IRBC) that seeks to engage Dutch businesses in achieving responsible practice in their national and global operations within the guidance of the UN Global Principles. Her special focus is on women’s rights and looking at gender-sensitive working conditions and equality in rights and pay.

As an independent consultant, she has advised companies on devising and implementing social action plans with their Indian supply chains, has coordinated a major EU project for the protection and promotion of core labour standards in Cambodia and another to protect human rights defenders in Colombia.

In her past career with the CNV national Trade union Centre, she was responsible for translating national policy, vision and mission into project plans for the organisation’s project work. She also conducted research and contributed a gender-sensitive dimension to national collective bargaining and had a formative role in developing the union’s effective partnership with the Netherlands-based Fair Wear Foundation. She is also a past member of the Global Executive Committee of IUF, the food, hotel, catering and agriculture global union federation.