Abu Eusuf Mollah

By: Julie Thorpe

Abu Eusuf Mollah

Abu Eusuf MollahEusuf Mollah is a highly experienced trainer and project coordinator for a wide variety of national and international labour development programmes. He was for many years Programme Officer for the Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies – BILS and has also been national coordinator for the UNI and IndustriALL global union federations.

He has worked with the Just Solutions Network as a trainer in Bangladesh and Mauritius since 2012. More recently he was Senior Trainer within the H&M Social Dialogue Project for their Bangladesh supply chain, designed by Just Solutions.

Eusuf Mollah conducts trainings, coordinates and monitors trainer performance and training programmes, and has consulted in the opening up of factories to workers’ democratic elections of their own elected representatives.


Speaking fluent Bangla, Urdu, Hindi and English, Eusuf operates throughout the South Asia region.