Dundar Sahin

By: Julie Thorpe

Dundar Sahin

Dundar SahinDundar Sahin, based in Turkey, and the Director of the SOLO Institute is a core Just Solutions networker, with unique knowledge in Occupational Health and Safety in large industrial enterprises and in Disaster and Emergency Management. He has also been a Senior Consultant with DuPont Sustainable Solutions since 2006.

Dundar has broad experience in construction, communications, logistics, cement, glass and steel manufacturing and posted as an International External Classifier within U.N. OCHA I.N.S.A.R.A.G.

Dundar has conducted more than 1,000 trainings in these topics, as well as consulting projects for state agencies, multi-national corporations, World Bank projects and development agencies.

Some of Dundar’s activities have included:

  • TC-BIL Pipeline Project, Emergency Management Training Coordinato.
  • TANAP Natural Gas Pipeline Emergency Management Project Coordinator.
  • AI-SA 8000 Lead Consultant for Emergency Management Assessment Projects in Pakistan, India, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Denmark and Romania.
  • United Nations OCHA, INSARAG Country Classifier for ISAR Germany, Qatar, EU Modex and Spain.
  • United Nations OCHA, INSARAG Training Working Group Member and participated in INSARAG Training Guidelines Development, USAR Coordination Cell Training and INSARAG Exercise Template Development Projects.
  • IFC, DEG, GIEK Emergency Management and Business Continuity Project Manager.
  • Team Leader for International Disaster USAR Response Operations such as Haiti, Iran, India and Pakistan Earthquake.
  • Curriculum and Team Structure Development of White Helmets Syria for Mayday Rescue.