Anne Lally

By: Julie Thorpe

Anne Lally

Anne Lally is an independent consultant whose work focuses on the intersection of human rights and the global economy. For roughly two decades, Anne has specialised in ethical supply chains – seeking to develop multi-stakeholder regulatory frameworks to uphold human rights, primarily in the garment industry. She has innovated with groups like Clean Clothes Campaign, Fair Labor Association, Global Reporting Initiative, Jo-In, and WellMade, and various government ministries and intergovernmental organisations. In recent years Anne has played a vital role in re-envisioning the industry’s approach to living wages at Fair Wear Foundation, where she has (co-)authored various publications, including The Fair Wear Formula (book and short film), Living Wage Engineering, and Living Wages: An Explorers Notebook. Anne is known for her ability to work collaboratively to find practical, yet principled solutions to some of the biggest rights challenges in the garment industry.

Earlier in her career, Anne served as Executive Director of a national fair trade organisation in the United States and monitored human rights issues at the United Nations in Geneva and New York. She holds a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University in New York. Anne is based in Cambridge, England, and, like all our consultants, operates globally.